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Anita Florean

REALTOR® | LIC: 774695

Anita Florean

Get to Know Anita

Anita has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. Marrying her husband at a young age and sharing the same vision, they both worked extremely hard to pursue their goal of owning their own trucking company. While supporting her husband in managing the business, Anita concurrently would search for investment properties to purchase for themselves. Her affinity for real estate had always been a source of delight, and it was then that she decided to make it her full-time career.

Each property, house, and neighborhood are unique, just as every individual does. It is this aspect that Anita finds gratifying about her profession—being able to assist her clients in discovering a distinctive home where cherished memories can be forged.

From a business standpoint, comprehensively studying the market constitutes a vital aspect of her role. Whether representing sellers or buyers, being well-versed in the numerical dynamics of the industry is imperative. Is it a buyers' market or a seller? What developments are occurring in a particular neighborhood, or what has transpired in the past? These are all inquiries that demand attention, prompting Anita to conduct her due diligence and remain informed diligently.

Anita is a mother to a beautiful and sweet little girl, and spending quality time with her brings abundant joy. Having pursued classical piano for seven years, she graduated with honors from both music school and high school.

She and her family love the beach, frequently jetting to Miami for memorable family vacations. Actively involved in their local church, they eagerly anticipate Sunday mornings spent in fellowship—a day of relaxation and cherished moments with loved ones, providing much-needed rest after a demanding workweek.

Anita's ultimate objective is to aid you in achieving your real estate aspirations. Whether you are buying or selling, she would be honored to accompany you on your journey and provide invaluable assistance along the way.

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